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Financial advice for new graduates

After studying for so many years it can be very exciting to suddenly start banking a graduate salary. If you’re a young man, it can be tempting to start living it up, getting loans for new cars and eating out regularly. However if your lifestyle suddenly increases beyond your new income you’ll find yourself broke and eating instant noodles before you know it.

Here are some tips a financial advisor might propose to help you keep your spending under control.


While it can seem like you need to rush out and buy a set of new suits, remember than your colleagues are noticing less of your outfits than you expect as shown in this recent experiment by a TV host. By owning a single classic cut suit and accessorising with different shirts, ties and belts you can wear a similar outfit most days without raising an eyebrow and keep the focus on your work and not your fashion choices!

Keep your roommates

The cost of housing makes a large portion of most people’s salaries, so it’s well worth continuing your share house days a little longer. If you can’t deal with your university friends any more, look to share with other people on your graduate program. An added bonus is your roommates can collect your mail and water your plants if you need to travel a lot in your first year. Look for an apartment complex with a pool or gym and you’ll also save on gym fees.

Bring your own lunch

The cost of regularly buying lunches and coffees can easily exceed $20 a day. Make sure you have a coffee in a thermal cup with you each morning as you leave the house. Find a lunch buddy who brings in lunch for you both every second day, and you can make two lunches on the alternate days. This halves the work of making a lunch and helps keep lunches more interesting.

See if your lunch buddy will join you on a run or walk each lunch time to avoid the temptation to hit the shops, while keeping you both fit and getting some fresh air.


Join your local library. Now that the load of studying is past you can finally start reading for fun again. The library also has a range of ebooks for borrowing on electronic reading devices and DVDs for lending.

It’s a great idea to make contact with a financial advisor like Green Associates early on to start building an investment plan to help you build your wealth and save for large goals.

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